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Second Draft and Beta Readers

October 2, 2015

Since I finished the first draft almost a month ago, I have been busy editing. I had not, up to that point, actually read through the whole book. Mostly, it was because of the way I had written it. I wrote the beginning, the end, and then finally the middle. I was surprised during my read through to find several continuity errors and various other things that needed to be changed. I also edited as I went, trying to cut out grammatical things I saw were a problem. Finally, I gave it to some beta readers to look at.

My husband, who also was instrumental on answering military and weapon questions throughout the writing process, was the first beta reader to give me comments. I know, I know…you’re supposed to get someone impartial to read, but he had promised me he would be brutally honest during his read through. I believe he was, and I used his comments to make some changes to the story.

We are heading to the UK for our second anniversary in less than a week and I will look forward to not doing anything with the book until we get back. The next steps will be to compile whatever comments my other readers have and then give the manuscript to my editor. Then on November 14th, I am going to a writer’s conference and will be meeting with a couple of agents.

I am starting to get excited.

Current word count: 92147


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