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Writer’s Remorse?

October 27, 2015

I don’t know if it’s a “thing”, but I might have writer’s remorse. After finishing the novel, I was so excited that I had done it, that I had set out to do something and actually completed it. I puffed my feathers and told the world, I HAVE COMPLETED A NOVEL. I felt awesome.

Time has passed and I don’t feel as confident anymore. People have read it in its entirety or partially. I have read and reread. Edited and edited again. The word count was chopped, trimmed of extraneous words and phrases. I have received some beta reader feedback, all of which has been productive and incorporated for the most part.

My confidence, though, is waning. This story, which had excited me, now only feels slightly more than mediocre. I’m hoping this feeling goes away. Maybe it’s because I entered a contest on a whim and didn’t get selected. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid the story is no longer interesting. I don’t know.

I am pitching to two agents at the upcoming Boston Writing Workshop in a couple of weeks. I have never pitched anything to anyone. It is terrifying.  I know that I need to get my head and my heart back into my book. Or else what’s the point?

Current word count: 90808


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