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Boston Writing Workshop

November 15, 2015

Yesterday I attended my first writing workshop. For anyone who has never been to one, go. It is pretty cool to be surrounded by a room full of writers, all ages and backgrounds, but all in mostly the same boat as you: trying to get published.

I had the good fortune to meet up with a Twitter friend and then meet two other women who I hung out with during the session. My Twitter friend mentioned a comic con for books…and now I know what I am doing next May.

The pitching sessions made me nervous to think about, but in the end were invaluable. I submitted my prologue (first page) to be critiqued and got negative feedback because it was too general. To me, this was not a bad thing. I have decided to remove it because the story may not gain anything from its inclusion,  and I certainly do not want it to hurt my story because, not to sound arrogant, but my story is not general.

For people who don’t know, my book does not have external dialogue after the first chapter. I know it sounds weird, but so far it has beta read pretty well. One of the agents I pitched to also suggested that my manuscript may not be science fiction, but literary fiction. I found this interesting because I only consider it science fiction because it seems like that is how all post-apocalyptic books are classified. My book also includes a decent amount of religious mythos. I think though, that you can take from it what you will; either focus on the religious parts or take them as something else.

The most interesting thing I noticed was that I pitched my book to two agents and they had two very different responses. One was excited and seemed genuinely interested, and the other was more reserved and offered suggestions to make it more readable.  In the end, they both wanted a submission,  so I call it a success.

I have no idea what will happen with the agents, but the experience was well worth it.


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