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Historical Fiction Is No Joke

January 25, 2016

So, as I wrote before, I’m working on my new manuscript. And when compared to BABEL, it is not progressing as quickly. I am easily getting bogged down in research of all types: canal building, money, deportment, language, etc. It’s pretty overwhelming. It is also exciting. Luckily my husband has a very serious love for the 18th century (we are Revolutionary War reenactors), so his ample library has been extremely helpful. Except now I have a million other books I want to read. NOT HELPING.

One of my core characters is the famous, although barely talked about, English engineer, James Brindley. Brindley could be considered the father of the British canal system, and one of the most notable engineers of the 18th century. He was also, by all research, a distant relative of mine. Which I find fitting, since I followed in the engineering footsteps 😉

On our trip to England, we traveled to his mill, which the staff so graciously opened despite being closed for the season. There was something about being there that sparked a love for the area that I can’t explain. Even then, it wouldn’t be until 2 months later that I actually decided to write a book about the canal system, with a mysterious twist, of course.

For people thinking of traveling to England, or for those actually in England, branch out away from London and take a trip to the mill. Well worth the small admission fee.  ( )

Also: Two formal rejections for BABEL officially under my belt. It’s ok. I’m ok. It didn’t hurt as much as I expected. 🙂

BABEL: Complete at 89,300 words.

Current WIP: 23,100 words & counting


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