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Second Draft and Beta Readers

Since I finished the first draft almost a month ago, I have been busy editing. I had not, up to that point, actually read through the whole book. Mostly, it was because of the way I had written it. I wrote the beginning, the end, and then finally the middle. I was surprised during my read through to find several continuity errors and various other things that needed to be changed. I also edited as I went, trying to cut out grammatical things I saw were a problem. Finally, I gave it to some beta readers to look at.

My husband, who also was instrumental on answering military and weapon questions throughout the writing process, was the first beta reader to give me comments. I know, I know…you’re supposed to get someone impartial to read, but he had promised me he would be brutally honest during his read through. I believe he was, and I used his comments to make some changes to the story.

We are heading to the UK for our second anniversary in less than a week and I will look forward to not doing anything with the book until we get back. The next steps will be to compile whatever comments my other readers have and then give the manuscript to my editor. Then on November 14th, I am going to a writer’s conference and will be meeting with a couple of agents.

I am starting to get excited.

Current word count: 92147


First Draft Completed

Word Count: 94,496.


Real Life Is What Happens When You Aren’t Writing

My writing weekend came and went and while I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted, it was a good reset. I’ve been writing at least 1-2 hours a day and the words keep coming. I feel like with only 22,400 words to my 80,000 goal, I might need to increase the goal.

Real life doesn’t stop just because there is writing to do. Life, death, work, the tiny minutia of the world, all that has to continue.  Last week my mother in law passed away, and it made me remember that we have to keep writing. This whole journey is too damn short.

Current Word Count: 57,600

Writing Weekend

On Friday I am heading up to Vermont for my self proclaimed Writer’s Retreat. I plan on writing pretty much non stop for most of the time I am there, although I am hoping to enjoy a little of the scenery. The new story is going pretty well, so far. I joined a Facebook group for Post-Apocalyptic writers, and I also signed up for a meet-up group for Boston area science fiction writers. The group meets once a month, so I’m hoping to be almost done, or close to it by the time it meets in August. This weekend though, the goal is to get at least 30 pages written.

Wish me luck.

Current Word Count: 36188

Starting Fresh

Wow. It has been a long time since I wrote in this blog. Since then I’ve graduated from my graduate program after a long, very painful thesis writing process. I also have been dealing with personal and family health issues that have really been all consuming at times. Throw in the small sprinkling of other hobbies and a full work schedule, and needless to say I didn’t write much for pleasure in the past year.

My old story, one that I have had a love/hate relationship with for several years, went stale for me around the same time I had to focus on my thesis. I still want to finish it one day because it has some of the best descriptive writing I’ve ever done. However, I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. So, it was been tabled indefinitely, but I hope to one day finish it, mainly on principle.

So I am back to writing now that my calendar has emptied a little. And this means I am writing something new. I can’t take all the credit for the idea, my husband bounced an idea off of me, and I loved it. Within just a couple of weeks I’ve written about 13,000 words. It hasn’t been easy at times, and I’ve considered dropping it, but he has been so super supportive of it. Which has been nice and refreshing. When I had started writing my last story, my relationship at the time was not healthy, and my ex was not supportive of my need to write at all. My husband, on the other hand, for a graduation present bought me a weekend in a cottage in Vermont just so I can spend the time writing.

I’m a pretty lucky girl.

The story is interesting because after the first few pages, there will be no dialogue. And that’s pretty much all I can say about that. 🙂


I have gotten to the point where I

I have gotten to the point where I am dreaming about my story. I wake up with all these ideas, but forget them by the time I get somewhere that I can write them down. Do other writers keep a notebook or something by their bed?

When life gets in the way of writing.

Things are busy here, and not just with writing. I am currently wrapping up my semester for my MA degree program. This involves a lot of non-recreational writing. I am also in the middle of a work related class and a fairly large project at work. I am also trying to plan a wedding, which somehow takes up time even though it is only going to consist of like 10 people. And finally, my boyfriend and I are historical reenactors, so that season is now upon us and I have been putting off making some new clothes for some time now. Long story short? There are many things happening that are putting a stop to a lot of writing the next few weeks and throughout the summer. I am determined to finish at least the first draft of this novel before I start up school again in the fall. Wish me luck!


Word Count: 22,929